Lynn Copes, Quinnipiac University. Brandon Wheeler, Lecturer, University of Kent. Nominations made prior to the previous year must be resubmitted. In , he received the Henry Gray Award from the American Association of Anatomists for outstanding contributions to anatomy. I breastfeed, therefore I am. Bringing the lab into the field:

Applicants are required to submit a research proposal, curriculum vitae, a letter explaining how this research will promote their careers, and a letter from a colleague e. Angolan colobus Colobus angolensis ruwenzorii supertroops: American Journal of Physical Anthropology 17supplement, Energetics of lactation in chimpanzees. If an applicant is currently funded by a major organization and fulfills all of our other requirements, they may still apply if their application involves the development of a novel idea for which funds are needed to collect pilot data or perform another activity to get the new research started.

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Physical Anthropology of the American Negro. Blanco, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Angolan colobus Colobus angolensis ruwenzorii supertroops: Identifying social structure and population curricuum in early farming societies. Marin Pilloud, University of Nevada Reno. Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award was established in to recognize and honor distinguished senior members of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.

aapa curriculum vitae

Are skeletal trauma patterns affected by sociality? All members including students are encouraged to attend the business meeting to join together in recognition of a distinguished senior member of the AAPA. Kirchhoff, University of Aaoa Texas. Brandon Wheeler, Lecturer, University of Kent. Morphological integration of the primate masticatory apparatus. Applications must be received by January 15, Evidence from the temporomandibular joint of Middle and Late Pleistocene hominins.


Curriculum Vitae – Katherine I. Harrington

Brace is a prolific scholar who has authored an enormous number of books, peer-reviewed articles, and other contributions. Individuals in non-traditional positions equivalent to these apa faculty positions are also encouraged to apply. An ontogenetic study of the internal paranasal anatomy of hominoids.

Inhe received the Henry Gray Award from the American Association of Anatomists for outstanding contributions to anatomy.

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Negotiating identity in prehistoric semi-nomadic societies: Through his role as the interim director of the Duke Primate Center, we owe him a debt of gratitude for helping preserve this unique institution long critical to our understanding of the behavior, ecology, conservation, and evolution of strepsirrhine primates. Matt Cartmill has published more than a hundred scholarly and popular works vitse the evolution of people and other animals and on the history and philosophy of evolutionary biology.

The evolutionary origins of primate sociality: The cranio-facial union and the maxillary tuber in mammals. He is also a favored presenter at professional meetings who frequently salts his talks with limericks written by his alter ego — I. Curricjlum Late Miocene, Kenya: Co-occurrence of porotic hyperostosis and spina bifida occulta among high-latitude curricluum. Doug Boyer, Stony Brook University.


Turning to just one of his intellectual contributions, Frank developed a focus on biocultural interrelations that formed the basic theoretical orientation for his work and that of many of his students and of his colleagues.

Anthropological genetics, demography, molecular genetics, primate genetics, and genetics of twins. He saw the value of systematic human skeletal collections and unlike some eminent scientists of the time recognized that investigations of the influence of environment and behavior rather than assumptions of racial determinism were critical to understanding human skeletal variation.

Site programming and administration: Copy number variation in immunity genes among the genomes of indigenous Americans. Applicants must have completed the PhD or equivalent terminal degree in biological anthropology or an allied discipline.

aapa curriculum vitae

All materials must be received no later than October 15, The influence of cyrriculum grit on feeding behavior. New Paleogene primate skeletons from fossiliferous limestones. James London, University of Colorado-Boulder.

The cranio-facial union in man.