Any prejudice from the other teachers? Your response will be evaluated based on how well you communicate your message to the intended audience, not on your personal opinions, position, or point of view. This is the part that concerns me most, and seeing what is expected is a great help. In your letter you must include your proposed methods for classroom management, how you will communicate your expectations to your class, and any potential challenges you foresee in implementing your management strategy. Washington , DC Also being proficient in general English grammar rules is helpful as well as knowing how to “transition” from one paragraph to the next. American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence.

American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence. I know now that I did not format the essay for the PTK as a memo, which was requested in the essay stem, and I did not do it in a five-paragraph format. If you follow all of their advice, then you WILL pass the essay. Write a memo to your fellow teachers describing strategies for cultivating a positive classroom environment. Washington , DC I hope this helps.

Posted January 28th, by arbled First of all, forget all of the negative comments you see in this forum about the essay being “rigged” or overly difficult. I used Elements of Style 4th ed by William Strunk. I wish I could tell you more about the PTK test, but it still looms ahead of me, right about the time my own students will be preparing for their state exams.

abcte ptk essay questions

I have already passed my other exams, so what do I have to lose? Purchase prk Vantage Writing program. I have been a teacher in Christian schools for 25 years. I also copied it into Word and printed it to study from, as I remember ink and paper information better than computer screen information yes, it sounds odd, but do what works.


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These can be hours spent subbing, and I’m wondering how similar student teaching and substitute teaching can be. What helped me the most was practicing the two exams and accompanying questions in Explore mode to see the reasoning behind the correct answers.

abcte ptk essay questions

I am here in Florida and I have to pass this part by June 30th or else I wont be able to teach next year. Do we esay scratch paper while taking the test? Moreover, if lessons are carefully planned, minimal problems will be encountered. Wonderful, but utterly consuming.

How I Scored a 6 on the PTK Essay | ABCTE

In your memo, include the types of information that ought to be included in a lesson plan, the reasons why lesson plans are useful, and what can happen if you do not sufficiently plan lessons. Begin practicing for the essay as pptk as possible.

In what area are you considering becoming certified? So I called Vantage. After writing each essay, I asked family and friends to critique them. It is important to be very organized and clear in your essays.

This is the part that concerns me most, and seeing what is expected queztions a great help. Good questions, I am eager On April 29th, amaldo86 says:.


I was very frustrated. Read the questions carefully for context clues. I’ll copy pertinent parts of my reply to them below in the hopes that some of it may answer questions for you, as well. How are we going to achieve this goal? I think my essay covered all of the points, but I’m worried, because if by some fluke I fail, I’ve lost my job.

I passed the ELA exam questions and a writing component with a Distinguished ratingand the PTK questions and a writing component with a questiohs of My guess is that it doesn’t matter if you make up a students name or write generally as long as you follow directions and remember the difference between a memo and a letter. I never bothered to become certified because I didn’t need to do so. Write a letter to your essaj to request funding for this field trip.

How I Scored a 6 on the PTK Essay

Wow, I was shocked! Problems concerning behavior and poor academic performance will be lessened. It is so unfortunate that a lot of classrooms nowadays are encountering behavioral wssay and poor student performance.

Which state are you in, Charles? An effective lesson plan includes very important information.