But what does this bill really mean? The Bangsamoro Basic Law needs time. For the judiciary, both autonomous regions give Shari’ah courts jurisdiction over cases exclusively involving Muslims in the region. What are the benefits of the Bangsamoro Basic Law? Recruits from the two rebel groups must fulfill the requirement on educational attainment within 15 years. At sa pag-uusap naming ito, hindi nila nasabi sa akin na hindi sila pabor sa BBL. When we can go back, without fear or apprehension for ourselves and our children, knowing that we and most especially our children will be ok.

After all, this government is inclusive to everyone. One must be at peace to create this flow. For thousands of years, we were all just like every Austronesian-speaking people, in villages or out in the sea, until when a group of people in what is now Sulu accepted Islam and became the first from these islands to assume the identity of a world religion. This resulted in the dependency of the supposed autonomous region on the national government for its annual budget. The ad hoc committee must clear out the facts so that people can comprehend it and would not be clouded to their prejudice that the Bangsamoro will become an independent state or country.

What is the Bangsamoro Basic Law?

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But what does this bill really mean? The Philippine National Police will also organize, maintain, and supervise a Police Regional Office to enforce the law.

It is a law that concerns the well-being of the Bangsamoro Muslims in the Philippines, which also protects our rights as Muslims and will allow us to be a part of a government that is for the Bangsamoro and by the Bangsamoro. I guess essaay is why whenever I perform it, wherever I am, I am transported back to my people, safely back home.


Bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog.

Bangsamoro Deals Are Premature. Retrieved March 19, An article pleading for an objective review and unrushed Bangsamoro Basic Law. As a child growing up in Basilan, yes I have stories of classes disrupted because of gunfights, of families and friends lost in the conflict, of kin knocking at our doors with barely anything and staying with us for weeks as their communities and homes become war zones.

It needs to be amended and revised. In the BARMM, the residents will elect an member parliament representing different parties, districts, and sectors, including indigenous peoples. The problem is complex with deep historical roots. Various intergovernmental bodies will also be bansamoro to improve relations and resolve issues between the national and Bangsamoro governments.

What is the Bangsamoro Basic Law?

Why should the Bangsamoro Basic Law be passed? Peace must be in the fishing boats, in farms, in public markets, in classrooms, in cinemas and theatres and museum, in TV ads, in corporate boardrooms, in banks, in the streets. Once established, the Bangsamoro government would be at the forefront of keeping public order and safety, dispensing justice within the bounds of the law, and addressing the basic requisites of a good life that Muslims are entitled to.

bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog

Section 3 bArticle X of the law states that they are “citizens who are believers in Islam and who have retained some or all of their own social, economic, cultural, and political institutions. Pragmatism by the Bangsamoro: I was once asked, when can I say peace is finally achieved.

The Bangsamoro Basic Law: What it means for peace in Mindanao

Tagzlog, I am reiterating bazic importance of timing and readiness. It also objects to some revenue from taxation going straight to the Bangsamoro region which it says gives “unfair” advantage over other regions. Pabor sila sa BBL,” Jaafar said. In all our conversations, they never told me they were against BBL. The BBL lays out the framework for its governance, with provisions that take into consideration Muslim culture and traditions and, addresses the basic needs of its constituents.


However, the shooting alerted armed forces in the area.

You dismissed this ad. The national government will also allocate the Bangsamoro P5 billion annually for a period of ten years, which will be used for bangssamoro rehabilitation of conflict-affected areas. The BTA will hold legislative and executive powers and is considered the Bangsamoro government during the transition.

Here are some excerpts:. Tzgalog there were efforts to pass the BBL during the Aquino administration, the length and complexity of the bill led the Senate to temporarily defer its proceedings. The ad hoc committee should also take into consideration a negotiation not only with the MILF but also a negotiation between the other parties in the ARMM.

The said provisions should not be implemented and must be amended for this law to be txgalog line with the constitution. There is possibility that more rebel group will come about and demand something from the government again.

bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog

They also view the provision as unconstitutional saying that the constitution must be amended since it only consent to one autonomous region in Mindanao viewing the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region as a distinct political entity to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. They should be considered a regional branch only.