However, nobody except other university admissions tutors knows how common using social media to check up on students really is. In many ways a Cambridge interview mimics a supervision the small group teaching which is characteristic of Oxbridge ; the people interviewing you may well be the people who will teach you in supervisions. We help students around the world to research courses, universities and colleges. Oxford also uses publicly-available information to indicate those applicants who may have experienced educational or socio-economic disadvantages. Applying to Oxford or Cambridge is a considerable undertaking.

What makes Oxford and Cambridge such special universities? Newsletter Signup Sign up for our email newsletters. It is very important that you take enough time to put your application together. Students are strongly advised to attend Open Days to learn more about all of the universities they are considering, where this is feasible. If you are applying later or taking a gap year, adjust as necessary. Oxford refers to these sessions as ‘tutorials’ while Cambridge calls them ‘supervisions’.

cambridge university saq personal statement

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Picking a college While we hope you apply to Peterhouse, the truth is that the colleges are cambrirge pretty similar and everyone loves where they end up!

Lots of people me included stress far too much about making it perfect – completely original with an impressive introduction and memorable ending. This is definitely the scariest part of the application process. These also have particular sections for certain disciplines such as law, healthcare, technology and politics.

Tutors are looking for the best-qualified candidates; people whom they will enjoy teaching and who will make a contribution to their academic department.

Personal statements ‘not scored’ by Cambridge tutors

The first step in applying to university is to choose what you would persoonal to read as an undergraduate. You’ll gain greater insight into your subject by being able discuss your developing ideas and get individual feedback. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Previously taken halfway through a two-year A level course, they were a useful indicator to university admissions tutors about student aptitude.


Not all subjects have them and some are sat at interview while some are sat before – see the university website for details http: In addition, teachers can submit an Extenuating Circumstances form direct to the university, providing information relating to an individual applicant’s circumstances.

Both universities are world-renowned in teaching and research in both arts and science subjects, so the decision is largely an individual one, driven by your choice of degree course.

Most tests are held at schools or colleges before you attend interview.

cambridge university saq personal statement

Teaching Teaching methods are very similar at both universities as you will attend lectures, seminars, classes and laboratory work as appropriate for your course. If you apply to Cambridge, then once your UCAS application is submitted you will receive an email with further details about the SAQ, which you must submit by 22 nd October. As with the pre-interview tests, there are often past papers online or guidelines about what to expect.

Cambridge’s director of admissions, Geoff Parks, has admitted that tutors at his university do not assign any marks to the personal statement — an essay students write on why they chose the subject they are applying for and why they are suited to it.

What is the Cambridge SAQ?

For the most competitive degrees, the applicants who most closely meet the selection criteria may have multiple interviews. Start working on it in the summer between years 12 and 13 if you plan to go to university straight after year The work will usually be one or two pieces of school work, usually up to a maximum of about 2, words long.


Try talking about your subject with family and friends.

cambridge university saq personal statement

You are commenting using your WordPress. The deadline for this is usually early May.

An essential guide to successful Oxbridge applications | The dos and don’ts

So ensure you read the course details carefully for any subject you are interested in. Oxford University ‘s head of admissions, Mike Nicholson, said the personal statement was “a good way to distinguish the truly gifted, original and inspired”. The wider reading that you have been doing will have furnished you with information about your chosen cambridbe and you now need to be able to articulate this information as well as your evidenced opinion on this.

I have been told by students after they have been admitted that their schools write the personal statements. Oxford also uses publicly-available information to indicate those applicants who may have experienced educational or socio-economic disadvantages. For vocational courses in particular, organise relevant work experience. Roderick Smith, director saa admissions at Birmingham Universitysaid his university had refused to consider “several dozen” students last year after it found out they had paid an essay mill to write their personal statements for them.

You need to read widely and in-depth. Practice talking about your subject: Talking to non-experts is an excellent exercise as it gets you thinking in new ways and helps you to find new ways personwl expressing the concepts and issues involved.

Offered in small class sizes with great emphasis on the demands of the specification and exam technique. Order by newest oldest recommendations.