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Another infographic which explains the size of Big Data, plus the types of structured and unstructured data that are collected and the challenges many companies face when dealing with this volume of information. Feel free to share your ideas! It helps check students’ understanding of key vocabulary and concepts, identify unknown words, and to link the case study to some of their prior learning. Posted May 18, By clearly understanding the existing technology students should be able to better understand the problems and the goals of Asociacion de Supermercados Independientes ASI. How supermarkets get your data – and what they do with it is excellent background reading which does exactly what the headline says – and gives some good, specific examples of big data use. However, the New England Journal of Medicine performed research which suggested telemonitoring of heart patients produced no difference in outcome compared to in-patients.

Both the secondary and primary research form the foundation for the Mock examination and also for preparing students for the actual examinations. Sign In Sign Up. For example, a customer sharing articles related to the product on social media may be an indication that they are more interested in the item, and the retailer could raise the price accordingly. The Lempert Report – Oct Posted September 18, It also contains a link to the Case Study Facebook page where new resources are posted on a semi-regular basis.

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This is the process of using Big Data to determine the highest price a customer is likely to pay for a product. We do not share any of your information to anyone.

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What is Predictive Analytics? This is a revealing video interview with Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby, the couple responsible for the huge successful of Tesco’s Clubcard loyalty card scheme. This should help them more fully understand the potential of Big Data before applying their knowledge specifically to supermarkets. Today I am posting 7 more videos which provide a deeper explanation of the benefits of Big Data in retail.

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If you know of any more good videos, please do add a comment below. With lots of specific examples and clear technical detail, this article is an essential ready for teachers and students studing the case study.

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This link was 20015 kindly shared by a fellow ITGS teacher. A good article for the case study, as such data can be collected and analysed as part of a Big Data system. Big Data technologies and methods change and improve at a pace perhaps even faster than traditional IT developments.

Case Study – Data visualisation. Application to specific scenarios Strand 3: This detailed article offers a detailed discussion of Boots’ Advantage Card – a loyalty card offered by this well-known pharmacy chain. Intelligent studies Smart Home is brokeback mountain essay case that incorporates advanced automation systems to provide the inhabitants with sophisticated monitoring and control over the functions.

5 Big Data infographics for the ITGS Case Study

This video includes a lot good, brief examples of the use of Big Data not always linked to ithsincluding the famous example of Target knowing a girl was pregnant before her father did. Reading about the schemes, their benefits, and how the supermarkets use the collected data provides an interesting insight into the case study. The Lempert Report – Oct You might also enjoy reading: In this case facial biometric data is being used in the same way as a traditional loyalty card number – meaning even customers without a Tesco Clubcard can be tracked.


Why not follow their example and place your order today? The teacher-run wiki ITGSopedia has a page dedicated to the case study.

Term 3 Project HL Only 3. It is often vague and contains too much extra material. However, the New England Journal of Medicine performed research which suggested telemonitoring of heart patients produced no difference in outcome compared to in-patients.

case study 2015 itgs

It also provides a broader perspective on how independent supermarkets may operate tsudy real situations.

This itgx contains resources for ITGS teachers and students, including a sample chapter, exercises, lesson ideas, and further reading. La Jolla Light, n. It uses Big Data to answer a number of questions about customers, including which products they are likely to buy, and how likely they are to switch brands — lots of examples which can readily be applied to the supermarkets ITGS case study. Continue studying for HL Paper 3. Although it does not refer to supermarkets, this is a very clear explanation of JIT.