That means the inventory check-in will also have to be part of the system. This use case describes the event of a technician entering software configuration information. The goal of this interview was to determine requirements for the proposed system. The meeting room at Coastline Systems Consulting. When a problem is solved. I need to do some thinking about whether I want clients to be able to mark a request as resolved.

Adding a new component to a piece of equipment. Milestone 2 Solution Prepared by Gary B. The person at the clients office reporting a service request. These are not incorrect, but have been left out of the glossary for the sake of simplicity. Construct a Use-Case Model Diagram. You know — PCs, servers, routers, printers. If the user is management then the system displays all unresolved requests that have been open for more than 72 hours.

They mainly exist to provide lookup capabilities for Equipment and EquipmentComponent, which is essentially an implementation issue.

Case Study CTTS – Milestone 07 Object Analysis Solution

Most students should be able to correctly identify the Uses relationships shown below. The techs will just enter the configuration information. Use-case modeling — Chapter 7 3.

case study ctts - milestone 03

We also need to track hardware components installed in a client’s equipment and software configuration information. The date a component was removed from a piece of equipment The IP ctrs of a piece of equipment on a client network.


case study ctts - milestone 03

Every client has a phone number. Object Analysis Solution Page: Do you both agree? Digital Fundamentals Floyd 8th Edition Problems files, just click the download link: A Case Study in Archit The starting time for a work record. The client’s e-mail address. This was a productive session. This use case describes the event of checking in new purchased stuxy. The model number of an item in inventory.

Case study CTTS milestone 09 application architecture

Complete a Use-Case Glossary. Prepared by Gary B. We have chosen to focus only on the use cases that will be most used. Potential Object List Again, answers could vary somewhat depending on student assumptions, although the objects and their relationships should be fairly clear from the list. Clients sgudy be able to directly mark a request as resolved, but indirectly they could by not responding.

If the user does not have the right to mark a request as resolved.

Prepare a Use-Case Model Diagram. But I suppose the employee entry is so rare that we can ignore that for your initial high-level modeling. Construct a Use-Case Model Diagram. In this milestone you will first uncover the actors, use cases, and relationships that define the requirements for the proposed system and document that information in a Use-Case Glossary.


This display will include an option for returning to the original list.

The data value of configuration data. This use case describes the event of entering a new client. Then 48 hours later if they haven’t heard from me with a follow-up question, they cse me and say they will assume the issue is resolved if they don’t hear from me in another 24 hours. So it would be employees only. A collection of all the items placed into inventory.

We might view several unresolved requests and be able to mark one or two as resolved. A password used to verify a user name.

Case Study CTTS – Milestone 07 Object Analysis Solution

Someone who Coastline works for. The date an inventory item was purchased. That would really tie our installed components to our purchases.