Effect of Centella asiatica on mild cognitive impairment MCI and other common age-related clinical problems. CA has also been investigated to demonstrate its role in periodontal therapy[ 48 ]. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. Action of a triterpenoid and its derivatives on the duration of healing. The journal of American science ; 4 3: The brain sectioning were observed for thickness of dentate gyrus and neuronal cell death by using light microscope.

These findings suggested its potential anticonvulsant as well as antioxidant, and CNS depressant actions[ 33 ]. Eastern healers relied on CA to treat emotional disorders, such as depression, that were thought to be rooted in physical problems[ 10 , 11 ]. Adjunctive periodontal treatment with Centella asiatica and Punica granatum extracts in supportive periodontal therapy. The effects of the CATF on enzymes involved in mucopolysaccharide metabolism supported the hypothesis that the extract acts on basic metabolism in the connective tissues of the vascular wall[ 66 ]. In conclusion, this study indicate that both type of Centella asiatica fresh extract possessed neuroprotective agent that help in learning and memory enhancement.

A randomized, double-blind, vehicle-controlled, half-side comparison with a herbal ointment containing Mahonia aquifolium, Viola tricolor and Centella asiatica for the treatment of mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis. In vitro evaluation of inhibitory nature of extracts of plant species of Chhindwara against 3-keratinophilic fungi.

In the nineteenth century, CA and its extracts were incorporated into the Indian pharmacopoeia, wherein in addition to wound healing, it was recommended for the treatment of various skin conditions such as leprosy, lupus, varicose ulcers, eczema, psoriasis, diarrhoea, fever, amenorrhea, and diseases of the female genitourinary tract[ 8 ].

Phytochemical Analysis Of Centella Asiatica L. Leaf Extracts.

Abstract In recent times, focus on plant research has increased all over the world. In vitro and In vivo anthelmintic activity of Terminalia arjuna Int. The hydroalcoholic extract of CA leaves was also subjected to pharmacological screening using various experimental models and was found to show protective action against increase in intracranial electric stimulation ICES and chemo-convulsions, which includes pentylenetetrazol-induced convulsions, pentylenetetrazol-kindled seizures, and strychnine-induced opisthotonus tonic convulsions on oral administration[ 33 ].


During a three-week treatment with CA triterpenic fraction CATFPPS patients who received 90 mg CATF daily in three divided dosages showed a statistical significant decrease in circulating endothelial cells, thereby indicating the effectiveness of CA in protecting the integrity of vascular intima.

Indian J Med Res. Also, it was shown to inhibit the inflammatory process which may provoke hypertrophy in scars and improves the capillary permeability[ 1920 ].

Cognitive and antioxidant properties: Effects of plant extract Centella asiatica Linn.


Asuatica J Alzheimers Dis. The selective action of the local application of triterpenoid fraction of CAE for wound healing and emphasized the role of asiaticoside in the increased levels of antioxidants enzymatic and nonenzymaticwhich were also implied for the accelerated wound healing[ 59 — 60 ].

Positive modulation of cognition and mood in the healthy elderly volunteer following the administration of Centella asiatica. Previous research found that the centelloside pattern asiaticoside, madecassoside and asiatic acid influenced by the condition of media and phosphorus content of media.

Description of the plant: Therefore, tjesis agents were proved to be efficacious in protecting neurons from the oxidative damage caused by exposure to excess glutamate[ 37 ]. Antimycotic activity of CA was also reported[ 57 ]. Centelloside and its derivatives are found to be effective in the treatment of venous hypertension.

centella asiatica thesis

Open in a separate asiafica. However, the mechanism of action and possible toxicity needs to be further investigated in a large sample which may bring to the light, the precise mechanisms for ameliorating many other CNS related conditions like depression and sleep disorders apart from anxiety. Centella asiatica improves physical performance and health related quality of life in healthy elderly volunteers.


Effects of Centella asiatica extract on mucopolysaccharide metabolism in subjects with varicose veins. J Int Acad Periodontol.

Int J Clin Pharmacol Res. International Journal of Parasitology Research ; 2 2: The status and scope of Indian medicinal plants acting on central nervous system.

Pharmacological Review on Centella asiatica: A Potential Herbal Cure-all

Priyanka Prathapan, Neethu A. The lower number of circulating endothelial cells was attributed to the protective effect asiatiac CATF on vascular intima integrity[ 62 ].

centella asiatica thesis

The findings suggested the potential of aqueous CAE as adjuvant to antiepileptic drugs with an added advantage of preventing cognitive impairment. In conclusion, this study indicate that both type of Centella asiatica fresh extract possessed neuroprotective agent that help in learning and memory enhancement.

STZ in rats has been linked to sporadic AD in humans. The extracts were subjected to qualitative phytochemical analysis using standard procedures.

centella asiatica thesis

Another study demonstrated the protective effects of asiaticoside derivatives against beta-amyloid neurotoxicity when tested on B cell cultures and hippocampal slices. Apart from wound healing, the herb is recommended for the treatment of various skin conditions such as leprosy, lupus, varicose ulcers, eczema, psoriasis, diarrhoea, fever, amenorrhea, diseases of the female genitourinary tract and also for relieving anxiety and improving cognition.

Effect of asiaticoside on wound healing in the rat. Application of topical CA preparations were shown to be beneficial in decreasing the scarring seen asiaatica wound healing, appearing to be related to the stimulation of maturation of the scar by the production of type I collagen and the resulting decrease in the inflammatory reaction and myofibroblast production[ 71 ].