However, this short-term programme gives students a valuable peek into the industry that they are interested in, and gain some exposure. The impact of blogger credibility, advertising intent, and product involvement on the effectiveness of blog advertorials. Students may contact cnmbox10 nus. Just click a few buttons during the declaration period between semesters and you can morph into a major in something else. Do note that students from cohort onwards are bounded by the Normal Candidature period and partial fee penalty should you stay beyond the Normal Candidature allowed for a BA degree 6 regular semesters and Honours degree 8 regular semesters.

Non-compliance to any of the above requirements will result in an automatic 5-point deduction. During the course of internship, regular semester fees remain applicable, as students receive module credits for their participation in the internship programme. No CPF contributions are required. These Module Credits count toward the NM major. Best of luck for your university studies!

Honours Thesis Our students produce a wide variety of cnnm work on an eclectic range of salient and timely topics relating to media, communications and the social aspects of technology.

cnm honours thesis

A study of ICT initiatives in Singapore education. Hohours purpose of writing such volumes is to pack as much detail as possible into one place.

Instructional Period of preceding Semester. To accommodate such specialised work areas, students are strongly encouraged to have read certain modules to honojrs themselves for the job. So keep that in mind as you read through this post. Jonathan 25 April at Business administration is under a different faculty so it’s a thessi harder to taste it, but personally I think BizAd is quite overrated and there are too many people studying it already so the field is quite saturated.


Jonathan 25 February at Hello, thanks for your post. An information exchange and interactivity based analysis of prosocial and trolling communities. Students are encouraged to take charge of their study plan and candidature. Short-listed students will be contacted directly by the employer s for interviews and other selection activities.

At least you’ll be able to impress people by telling them about the sociological theory of anomie A study of gender differences in displays of affection on facebook. Our students produce a wide variety of interesting work on an eclectic range of salient and timely topics relating to media, communications and the social aspects of honourz. MOOCs are only offered to students who are doing their compulsory internship, and are pre-determined by the department every semester.

cnm honours thesis

Said friend is now working full-time in some boutique social media marketing agency where she runs online contests for a living similar to what her group did for their FYP.

This almost unfettered self-determination is the strength of the FASS system. Prior to the start of chm internship, students are given the option of reading either a minumum of one or a maximum of two MOOCs during their internship.

CNM – Honours Theses

If you prefer reading and thinking about stuff, CNM would be a better match for you. If you do not comply with this requirement i. The worksite supervisor will guide and mentor the student at the workplace, and is responsible for the final feedback on the student’s performance during the 20 weeks. Why cnnm you care about this semantics? Students taking summer programme from May to July must not take internship.


CNM – Honours Thesis Requirements

I’m an international student btw. My Doctor, the Internet: Internship Period Semester 1 Semester 2 Grades made available in. I’ve tried to be as objective as possible but vnm bias may creep in at times because I’m only human. For example, CS Media law, Ethics and Policy helps them stay out of trouble and avoid getting sued, CS Web Design and Technologies is increasingly relevant given the prominence of the internet as a communicative platform, and CS Basic Media Writing trains them in fundamental skills that every communications practitioner worth their salt must know.

I don’t honourss it matters that much that the NTU degree is a “professional” degree where the word “Communication” appears in the degree name itself while the NUS one is a “general” hohours science degree where the word “Communications” is tacked on at the end, seemingly an afterthought.

Communications & New Media

Terms of Use Privacy Non-discrimination. Each thesis submission is assessed by two academic staff.

Students are allowed to begin their internship earlier or later by no more than one week from the official start date of the internship. Hi, do you have any suggestions as to determining if comms and media is a right thing to study for someone?

No CPF contributions are required.