Many residents favour local, smaller-scale improvements. India’s economic changes have caused rapid urbanisation. The Indian government also wants to add basic services, more schools, health centres, shops, better roads and more jobs. For example, the local authority may provide cheap building materials or a loan for residents to purchase them. Brazil is also an example of a newly industrialised country NIC. This has happened in Rocinha with the Bairro project. Crime rate in the favelas is extremely high as they are controlled by gangs who are involved in organised crime.

Many are second-generation families. Occasional heavy rains can also lead to flooding, impeding development. Permanent police presences are established in what had often been no-go areas for security officials. Complexo do Alemao With a population of , people, stretching for more than two miles, the Complexo do Alemao favela is one of the largest favelas in Brazil. Make-shift houses in favelas offer little protection to people and houses are easily washed away by the heavy rain and mud. Squatter settlements can be improved through urban planning.

Services in these areas also include refuse collectionschools and health centres.

Most people who do have a job work in the informal sector dase ‘cash in hand’, eg labourers or cleaners. Today, almost all the houses in Rocinha are made from concrete and brick. Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, located in Mumbai, is the largest bottling plant in India out of 24 spread across the country.

Many are second-generation families. Nature notes Most of our blackbirds sit out the cold weather in or near their territories, although in a very cold spell a few of them may head south across the Channel. Dharavi lies between two railway lines and is one of the biggest squatter settlements in the world.


People are poor and cannot afford healthcare or medicines so illnesses go untreated. This often fosters a community spirit as many families work together to make the improvements. People may be given legal ownership of the land they live on.

Rural investment Funding development and improvements to rural areas may help to improve conditions in the city as well. Squatter settlements Mumbai is an important port city on the northwest coast of India and is the state capital of Maharashtra.

Mumbai is an important port city on the northwest coast of India and is the state capital of Maharashtra.

Rio is hemmed in by mountains, so during tropical storms landslides are common. Crime rate in the favelas is extremely high as they are controlled by gangs who are involved in organised crime. The plan to improve Bltesize is called Vision Mumbai.

dharavi case study bbc bitesize

Residents make all the improvements to their homes themselves. It may be cold bitewize, but nothing like as cold as where they are coming from. The government wants to improve existing shanty towns but does not want to encourage more to develop. This is not dharavi case unique to destination branding.

Dharavi case study bbc bitesize

These areas are illegal and are not catered for by the Government, so there is no electricity, rubbish collection, schools or hospitals. They met little resistance, as gang members chose to flee rather than fight. Many large companies are now locating in Mumbai, often to take advantage of lower wages, reduced government interference and cheaper rental costs.


dharavi case study bbc bitesize

Low-interest loans may be used to help people fund these changes. Development issues in shanty towns The Brazilian Government has realised that it cannot solve the housing problem in city favelas like Rio by destroying them.

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Some people dharav been granted legal ownership of the land on which their houses are built. People are given tools and training to improve their homes.

And now, remember homework work and power give proper attribution. The land is connected to the city by transport links bitessize has access to essential services such as running water. All blackbirds are very quarrelsome in winter, and those that come into gardens where there is food seem to spend as much time chasing the others off as actually eating. Charities bbc to improve life for people in shanty towns by providing money for self-help schemes. Improving the favelas In Brazil, as in many developing countries, local communities, charities and government departments are working together to improve conditions in favelas.

India is an example of a newly industrialised country NIC. People biteskze to Mumbai because the city has lots of pull factors. The squatter settlement is unplanned and has these characteristics: