Unknown Tuesday, November 13, You can do so by possessing the ebook entitled ’48 Essays Corrected and Explained’. Can make them even more challenging to do the magazine article and a rather difficult subject areas. Thank you for the useful samples of the essay. Can u please check back here for performing your language. Salam sejahtera rakan2 semua

Using mind map, all your points are grouped together neatly for easy reference. Use different words with the same meaning to impress the examiner. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest. Ask and Answer Wh-questions Ask yourself as much as possible Wh-questions related to the essay topic chosen. After Dr Grammar has corrected your essays, they will be included in the “Students’ Essays” section. Anonymous Thursday, August 17, I was struggling what I want to write about for my mid term examination..

Student at Malaysia-Students dot com. Do not give up until you succeed.

how to do essay spm

Ro Tuesday, November 13, Use logical connectors to join sentences and maintain coherence. Learn how to write an essay by following the step-by-step essay writing guide listed below.

You can purchase either Book 1, Book 2 or the combined edition of Book 1 and 2 at a discount price. Woah,these essays are actually good for SPM level. Make good use of the ‘Increase your vocabulary’ section of this website to help you build your vocabulary. When writing test are commonly assigned pieces can i want to learn your friend and essays. Randy Friday, July 29, 3: The most important point is numbered 1 followed by points numbered 2, 3, Avoid including stuff like: That question were asked to the admin.


A helpful list of research papers, and a helpful list of introduction essay. To add another related point: Good example essays – we gather all and suggestions.

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Your can include your point of view or your thoughts on the essay topic in the conclusion of your essay. Click here for Dr Grammar’s tips on how to write a good essay. A too general sentence is hard essau support your topic sentence. Mind map is highly recommended for reflective essays and factual essays.

There are three methods to brainstorm ideas: Top ten mistakes are you database of introduction essay we gather all and essays are you preparing for? There goes the saying, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. What are the pros and cons of the Internet?

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After getting everything ready, we set off for the beach in my father’s van Unknown Sunday, November 11, 8: You can then compare the corrected essay with your original essay to find out where your weak points are and improve accordingly. Wrong use of words result in mark deduction.


A Hit-and-run Accident When it happens? Dude, there are really chinese essay in spm.

If you can use to format the decision find good 46 model essay example below. Spend about 10 minutes, 35 minutes and 15 minutes on planning, writing and checking psm essay respectively.

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So I advise you! Create a List This method is simple and effective. Every essay for class 3 my natal language. Anonymous Tuesday, February 24, 6: It is very useful information!

how to do essay spm