Beyond clinical skills, students also cited interest in developing a better understanding of research methods through critical analysis of published literature and even through conducting their own primary research. Finlayson and Imran Mahmud Acknowledgements: While we have no reason to believe that any Wisepill box openings were not detected, they were frequently delayed due to connectivity problems. Health professionals for a new century: Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

All participants completed all assessments in the eight-week trial. Metoclopramide, prochlorperazine, and sumatriptan each had multiple Class I studies supporting acute efficacy, as did dexamethasone for prevention of headache recurrence. Advances in molecular biology are helping to form a better picture of the underlying pathophysiology. However, this design did not function optimally when the pill bottle was in a low connectivity location, as our servers did not receive pill bottle opening data in a timely manner although they were received. Patient-facing tools aim to: Treatment guidelines require regular follow-up visits during the acute treatment phase ranging from every 2—8 weeks depending on the guideline , aimed at optimizing treatment medication and dosage and managing side effects.

Society for Neuroscience The Society for Neuroscience is the world’s largest organization of scientists devoted to the study of the brain; the website includes information about Society for Neuroscience membership, meetings and events, publications and programs, as well as classifieds, resources for the public, and a member papeer.

Summary of evidence-based guideline: Early termination of antidepressant drug treatment. The tool assembles family health information and makes a “pedigree” family tree that patients can download and optionally share with family members and health care practitioners.

medlink research paper 2013

Participants were included in the study if they were at least 18 years old, able to speak and read English, were willing to use the smartphone-based MedLink app and WisePill box for the duration of the study period, were beginning a new course of antidepressant medication treatment with their PCP and had not been on it for more than two weeks at screening.


The prevalence of brain death practice is expanding internationally. In addition to these commercial purposes, mobile phones can serve as instruments that can be harnessed to support healthcare; they are carried on the person, typically turned on, and allow for bidirectional communication and on-demand access to resources Proudfoot It has been accepted as a legal definition of death in the United States, Canada, most European countries, reaearch many Western and non-Western countries.

Compares appropriateness of different kinds of neuroimaging studies for evaluation of low back pain.

September ; 9 pages.

Strategies for mHealth research: lessons from 3 mobile intervention studies

Treating major depression in primary care practice: Treating major depression in primary care practice: All three interventions are delivered via mobile phones, and use behavioral strategies to help promote better coping with clinical conditions. When a user moves time zones, it is unclear if a missed dosage of medication or an unanswered assessment question should be based on when it was scheduled or where the data is stored versus the time it is when the person has the phone. It offers information about how to get palliative care and provides palliative care stories, resources, and articles.

The site allows you to store, organize, and share scholarly papers you find online. A cellularly enabled pillbox monitored antidepressant medication adherence.

Adherence rates as a percentage of days since the previous visit were requested.

medlink research paper 2013

World Federation of Neurology The Researfh Federation of Neurology WFN is an international federation of national neurological organizations, representing neurologists from member nations worldwide. In this clinical summary, Dr. All participants received an extensive walkthrough of the MedLink app and WisePill device and expectations of use were outlined.


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The NORD Web page offers a rare disease database, breaking news, resources, and several useful links. The foregoing terms may include synonyms, similar disorders, variations in usage, and abbreviations. NeuroLogic Exam The website is a joint effort of the University of Nebraska and University of Utah schools of medicine; it integrates video on the neurologic examination with neuroanatomic diagrams and short lectures commenting on how the examination correlates with neuroanatomy.

Medical Justice Legal Insurance Medical Justice is a proprietary insurance product that supplements conventional medical malpractice policies.

The content you researfh trying to view is available only to logged in, current MedLink Neurology subscribers. NIH – Grants This National Institutes of Health NIH Web page is maintained by the Office of Extramural Research and provides an outline of available grants, application dates, human and animal research protection, and news and archives for medical research.

Paer, we suggest early internal testing include both clinical personnel and technologists, and that problems be recorded in as much detail as possible to pass this information to the programming team.

Log in to the AAN website is required. Usability testing in and beyond.

medlink research paper 2013

You can also share your library with others and see others reading the same papers. However, the term “brainstem death” adds confusion to an already confused terminology Molinari ; Youngner et al and should not be used in place of “brain death.

Treatment of panic disorder: A cohort study of adherence to antidepressants in primary care: The flow of participants is shown in Figure 2.