Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Ignore the notices stating how many days you have remaining, they are EA Standard and are completely incorrect in the homeworld. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. How can I change or add more Unemployed Career Titles?

Bicycles don’t belong there either but they might look a little less less out of place than other vehicles. Board index Careers FAQ. At the “Administration Center” rabbithole, an “Enroll in University” interaction will be available. Vital pieces of previously enrolled sims 3 no autonomous homework is a few mods over at gos. Therefore, if your teens are not Homeschooled Careers mod Schools module or on some sort of extended school vacation SP Career module at the time, they may have trouble with conflicting high school and college class schedules.

Step Three is to attend class. I have had the best place to do homework. Or some of them can get Cs or fail and randomly pick up a “bad” homeworm when they age up, it’s not the end of the world usually. This user has the following games installed: Homework takes 2 and a half Sim hours. Search Wiki Search Members.

If you placed a “Student Union” containing the appropriate EventLotMarker objects, your sims will automatically attend orientation on their first full sim-day of class. I’ve always had an issue with the time it takes Sims to do their homework – the EA default is 3 Sims hours roughlyand from my experience that is extremely unrealistic. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. This can be found under the General heading on the Careers Interactions page. Oh, and you need to download the Cheats -module for the Master Controller.


Thanks homewwork the tip! Forgot my clid had them start homework in sunset valley; and finding your sims vigil. With the Careers module you can also assign your children to Homeschool but I have never played that so if you are interested in it you’d have to look around or ask over at Nraas. Step One is to set up all the university rabbitholes.

Homework mod sims 3

Teens may be enrolled in Uni at the Administration Center. Homework takes 2 Sim hours. What does the Academics Module do? And of nraass the only medieval world i found is freaking HUGE, so it’ll take them few hours to run to town from their house. Do NOT jomework the “Enroll” interaction on the computer or phone. This seems to be the popular solution for children riding horses, unless a different one has come out recently.

Mod The Sims – Faster (and Slower) Homework – 8 Flavours!

It is possible to download multiple homework assignments per day once completed and receive homwork credit for each additional one turned in, but doing so will not remove the obligation to turn in a new one the following day. Homework takes 15 Sim minutes. Originally Posted by varpunen Well, with the Nraas Master Controller you can tweak a career and school performance, so you could try that one.


That still doesn’t rise to the level of any story generation that I know of, though. How do I set up a Homeworld University? Disable Homework When this option is disabled, that sim will no longer need to do homework.

nraas no homework

Are horses an option? They do not denote the end of term. Originally Posted by igazor Well to keep thing realistic, clearly they need an extensive subway system and a network of Homwwork transport booths.

nraas no homework

If the child is currently going to another school the window will offer “Change School” instead. Trademarks are the property of their respective nfaas.

We promise to help tame the beast. The entries that show up in the summaries, each one individually, are supposed to correspond to a story. One was related to my main household by blood, has 2 children teen and child and both had homework completed and Bs.

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