However, they have to know that modern lifestyle makes it difficult for them to stay fir and healthy. This is because modern lifestyle makes people lazy and it has some dangerous effects. Listening Part 1 Directions: Jump to main content. Another advantage of graduating from university is that it gives you more choices when it comes to choosing a job. In today’s modern world, computers are an essential part of everyday life.

In contrast, the lowest figures for fixed lines are in Italy and the UK. It should be located in the first paragraph of essay writing. He had a good time at the party. George has just finished his vacation is closest in meaning to the statement, George has just returned from vacation. These miners needed good strong clothes. All of candidate undergraduate students are required to pass this placement test.

The two graphs show that oil was the major energy source in the USA in both and and that coal, natural gas and hydroelectric power remained in much the same proportions. This is because modern lifestyle makes people lazy and it has some dangerous effects.

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Our modern lifestyle makes it difficult for us to stay fit and healthy, because of lazyness and its dangerous effects. Although it is undeniable that fathers are equally important, mothers are always there for the child in joy and sorrow.

Different people feel that different things are important for friendship, such as honesty, loyalty, etc.



This brings me to the second point. Lifestyle changes from era to uka. Is it clear about thesis statement? Give reasons for your answer.


In academic writing, once again, please do not use abbreviations such as “don’t”, “doesn’t”, “haven’t”, “won’t”. You are often wrong about the weather, but this time you might be right. A child is born to two parents — a man and a woman. Dalam pragh2 ni korng kene bnyak compare,tngok mna yng the highest and the lowest.

The usual comparison between men and women is brought up again when the question of who makes a better parent is raised. It is about words minimum.

In conclusion it is clear that funding allocation for disease research in Someland is not wholly determined by the number of deaths for which each disease is responsible in a given year. Fenomena ini berlaku melalui suatu istilah easay cukup sinonim kini iaitu globalisasi. At a higher educational level; the availability of digital books, simulator and other academic materials, provide the student with an ever accessible source of information, that otherwise would not be at hand.

Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that this is why dssay have a greater role in raising children in most societies. Band yang adik2 akan dapat majo akan uix on TASK Listening Part 3 Directions: Children can learn more efficiently by watching television Television is a medium of information shown by audio-visual.


So, what is thesis statement? Therefore, choice d is the correct answer. Modern lifestyle makes people lazy 2.

sample ept essay uia

Dah tu tak logiklah kalau nak hafal essay bagai kan. Decide which answer is exactly the same as the sentence you heard. As might be expected, it is clear from the data that sedentary pursuits are far more popular nowadays than active ones.

sample ept essay uia

Although it is important for children to participate in various well-balanced activities, in my opinion, children who use the computer daily are actually developing a critical skill for future success. So, you can read as much as possible to enhance your capability of reading.

Popular posts from this blog. Dah tu tak logiklah kalau nak hafal essay. Modern lifestyle makes us easier, but do not forget to save your body from its impacts. The graph below gives information about the preferred leisure activities of Australian children. Also, I will give you example for it.