Highest Distinction for Excellence in Research: Prasanth’s lab in cell and developmental biology. To be eligible for graduation with Highest Distinction a student must: For example, if you are studying abroad in Spain in the Fall, when you return you only need to complete one course for Honors Credit in the Spring. Read Elli’s bio to learn more about what she can offer as a peer mentor. Maintain a minimum combined overall GPA of 3. Discuss with your faculty advisor what is advisable and possible for your project.

Vivian Tang’s lab in Cell and Developmental Biology. You are asking them to devote their time and resources to training you as a research scientist. I also like to bake and enjoy photography. Nguyen’s lab in the department of civil engineering. A first-semester junior not necessarily a psychology major who wishes to enroll in the junior-year portion of the program may do so by completing an application form at the time of advance enrollment or registration for the spring semester. Have it signed by the faculty researcher with whom you will be working and bring to room Burrill Hall prior to the deadline to add a UG POT 1 course for processing.

I am also a Certified Nursing Assistant, which I enjoy because senor the clinical experience it has allowed me to obtain. Thesis awarded Highest Distinction.

Mcb senior thesis uiuc

Honors Concentration Information Meetings are held periodically. Be free of academic integrity violations. The margins should be 1. Richard is a senior in MCB.

Mcb Senior Thesis Uiuc

One email per week is reasonable. Be aware that your timing may depend on the individual professors with whom you wish to work, who sometimes differ in their preferences regarding completed courses and time commitments for students who work in their research program.


In terms of hobbies, I enjoy playing basketball and ping pong, watching the NBA, biking, and hanging out with friends. For questions regarding Senior Thesis or Graduation with Distinction please call Alternatively, with the consent of your thesis advisor and your honors advisor, your thesis may be based on literature research.

Submit a PDF of their poster to the Distinction committee by the posted deadline.

Undergraduate Research in MCB

You will need to check them out using your University ID and they cannot leave the advising office. Note this form cannot be used for your first semester of MCB research, for MCB requests or for late add requests. Read Ritika’s bio to learn more about what she can offer as a peer mentor.

Read Jasmine’s bio to learn more about what she can offer as a peer mentor. Note, completion of the above criteria does not guarantee that you will earn highest distinction.

uiuc mcb senior thesis

Applicants who have not met this criteria may not be selected for an interview. Since my very first week of college, I have been actively involved in MEDLIFE, a service-oriented organization that works to empower low-income individuals worldwide.

The sequence rapidly introduces students to the rigorous and abstract thought processes of higher mathematics. Distinction for Excellence in Research: I work in a CDB lab and am pursuing a certificate in Cell and Developmental Biology, as I find concepts such as stem cells and regenerative medicine fascinating!


Senior Thesis may be applied towards graduation with distinction ; MCB Register for MCB or MCBif submitting thesis for a grade onlyfor at least 2 credit hours, in their final semester.

uiuc mcb senior thesis

Seminars are each limited to 18 students who have grade-point averages of 3. Onionskin and correctable paper are not acceptable. She is pre-PA and has conducted neuroscience research with Dr.

Read Jennifer’s bio to learn more about what she can offer as a peer mentor. He is premed and has worked in Dr. Additionally, I work as a medical scribe that works with gastroenterologists and colon and rectal surgeons. What are the benefits? Students in the Biochemistry Specialized Curriculum should adhere to guidelines specific to their major.

After you have been matched with a mentor, you will be introduced through email and you mxb begin to set up mentoring sessions.

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Currently I am involved in a microbiology lab working in Dr. Currently I mxb in Dr. I am passionate about playing sports like basketball and football.