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Herrmann, Johannes The importance of the region of origin effect and its implication for marketers: Donnison, Rachel What issues need to be considered by nurses when faced with parents who refuse treatment for their children? Anand, Aniel An Investigation into what factors influence the expectation of life made by life insurance companies. Are they Useful or Lethal for Financial Stability. Evidence from Indonesian Banks. A case of agave-based biogas from the Mezcal industry in Oaxaca, Mexico.

A Lesson for Small and Medium Enterprises. Blake, Richard Minding the Discursive Gap1: Forecasting Volatility and Pricing Options. Cheng, Shen The effects between currency appreciation and stock market in China and Japan applied time series econometric techniques. The case of Inspection Technologies Ltd. Gazi, Mohammad Non-Productive entrepreneurship:

Huang, Xiaoyi Effects of corporate hedges on firm exposure and firm value: Evidence from the Automobile Insurance Market of Cyprus. Danswasvong, Wqrdah Testing the biased geometric Brownian motion.

A parametric analysis of Hong Kong banking sector.

A Case Study on Nepal. Empirical Evidence from an Oil and Gas Firm. Carey, Mekele The mental health implications of street sex work: A Case Study in Manufacturing Sector. A Case Study of Bermuda. Perspectives from a mainstream and a special school.


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An empirical study of Brazilian firms. Carroll, Roopam Part A: A Lesson for Small and Medium Enterprises.

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A study of luxury products consumption during the liminal transition into first time employment. Does Financial Crisis Matter?

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Edwards, Kim How can pupils who have negotiated transition successfully be utilised to improve transition periods for all? Deng, Wenyang The impact of environmental factors on bank efficiency: An illustrative case study examining the determinants social enterprises within the United Kingdom could use to identify appropriate legal forms.

The Perspective of Qatar Firms. Fans as Consumers, Brand Loyalty and Identity.

Anand, Aniel An Investigation into what factors influence the expectation of life made by life insurance companies. A hypothesis on the absence of governance warfah the BOP settings. A comparative study between theoretical and practical approaches. Dube, Nipun Effective change management and engagement strategies for Nottingham Forest to make it a successful Multi-Channel retailer. Jaensch, Marius What drives eco-innovations?


Barbukov, Aleksandar An evaluation of the market efficiency of base metals. Babbitt, Ian English for Architectural conservation: Gong, Yu-Qing An exploration of advertising values and beauty ideals manifest in print advertisements of cosmetic brands: Choi, Hei Ting Comparing the systematic risk of developing and developed countries in East Asia: Hamer, Naomi The development and evaluation of a computer based e-learning tool to enhance knowledge of workplace wellness.

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Evidence from Indonesian Banks. Huang, Wei Internationalisation of Chinese firms: Jubilee, Ribed Vianneca W. Howard, Natalie A critical evaluation of in-house academic writing materials in two Australian Universities. Panel data evidence from the UK.

Bolanos Salamanca, Natalia Andrea Developing a framework to identify and manage the shudy of human factors on the main activities of an agile supply chain.

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