Damiri and his other children had gone Answer Jawaban: There were several big restaurant at the park and I had lunch in a restaurant that was shape like a ship! Menentukan informasi rinci tersurat dalam teks. At that place, we played many games like jet boat, jet ski, banana boat, and other games. I saw many people. What does the third paragraph tell you about? Bila dibaca secara menyeluruh, maka kita dapat mengatakan bahwa teks tentang dua orang astronot yang berhasil mendarat di Bulan, bukan hal lainnya.

The Oceanorium displayed all sorts of fish and animals under water e. Dari biografi Galileo Galilei’s kita bisa mengambil pelajaran bahwa kita harus percaya pada sesuatu dan tetap setia padanya tidak peduli seberapa kerasnya. We were lucky because we were led by a smart and friendly guide. Remember me on this computer. We were very excited. Roasted a lobster D. Bantuan gratis untuk tugas sekolah Bantuan gratis untuk tugas sekolah.

He had breakfast before leaving for school read the text!!

contoh soal essay recount text untuk sma

Kata “stormed into” yang berarti menyerbumemiliki makna yang sama dengan kata “attacked” menyerang. This man might have needed the umbrella for himself later during the day but he preferred to give it to someone else. I felt very happy and very happy. The text above tells us about Based on the text, it is implied that. Most of them are children and teenagers.


They dug up dirt to bring back to earth. He got punishment from his teacher b. Edwin Aldrin and his Michael Collins C.

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Last holiday, I went to Surabaya with my friend for vacation. The experiments did not show the representative results of the cloning ethics Answer Jawaban: When students present their grievances to their tutors about problems they esssy, the educators view the problems as a scapegoat for not completing their coursework in time.

contoh soal essay recount text untuk sma

Belajar lebih banyak bersama Brainly! We swam during the day until evening.

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D Lihat Pembahasan Pembahasan berikut ini untuk soal nomor 11 sampai Then I went to the next place. Damiri came home, his wife told him what had happened. Remember me on this computer. There are three big temples, the Brahmana, Syiwa, and Wisnu temples. What is the main idea of the fourth paragraph?


What happened to the smq dad when he rode an elephant? B The following text is for questions 5 to 7. The animals there are monkeys, rabbits, gibbon and so on. We wanted to give to all of our cousins.

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They are really amazing. What does the story tell us? Researches at that time said that the sheep was created from a mammary gland cell, and that Parton offered an excellent example. Prepared for lunch C.

In the swimming pool Answer Jawaban: The bus came back!

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The sea animals performed fantastic things in the water. That was the last Kang ever saw her. After several minutes, my reocunt came true. We arrived there at four p.