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They do not threaten other native species. It is estimated that up to one million pouched and at-foot young are also brutally killed each year under the Code of Practice when the female is shot. Iconic Australian species include the common wallaroo, eastern grey kangaroo, western grey kangaroo and red kangaroo. Here’s some advice on taking selfies with wild animals: It is the over grazing by introduced sheep and cattle, maintained at high densities on the same pastures all year round, which is causing serious land degradation. It is impossible to ensure kangaroos are killed quickly, with a head shot.

But are Australia’s world-famous roos really at risk? Second, Kangaroos can carry diseases into their new habitat, which may prove equally devastating. Kangaroo slaughter protects these industries while creating a side stream of revenue from kangaroo products. It is, rather, to make the Kangaroo population in Australia manageable. Peter Garrett, now environment minister of Australia, is in favor of a cull. Kangaroo cullings would not so massively diminish Kangaroo populations that there would be too few kangaroos for tourists to view. The harvesting is founded upon a quota on the basis of population size, long-term climate predictions and trends that is reviewed annually.

New evidence: culling kangaroos could help the environment

While this number seems large, large-scale population surveys over large parts of the Australian continent have reported the total number of kangaroos is in excess of 25 million animals. Campaigners against commercial kangaroo harvesting say it’s unsustainable and have convinced California to extend a ban on kangaroo imports.

culling kangaroos essay

Amidst the controversy that has aroused strong perceptions and evoked confrontations; there are ethical concerns. The Evolution of a United States Marine. The red kangaroo has many adaptations to allow it to co-exist with its environment more efficiently, these include structural, behavioural and physiological adaptions. If Australians are to eat healthy, unprocessed meats while making sustainable choices, native animals would be an obvious choice.

Their lives, meat, and pelts will be put to a use, and this will give meaning to the lives of these kangaroos, making the culling, at least, more humane than if these resources were simply thrown away.


Environment And Kangaroos Essay

How many kangaroos is too many? This page has been accessed 77, times. Managers of conservation areas have resorted to culling to reduce kangaroo numbers in several areas. A high percentage of Australians are still completely unaware that every kangaroo killed by the kangaroo industry is a wild animal.

There seems to be a remarkable lack of basic understanding in regard to changes in the environment and its affect on kangaroo populations.

Financial viability comes at a much higher cost than in previous tears. Herding Kangaroo herds into trucks is not easy, particularly when it involves thousands of Kangaroos. It is estimated that up to one million pouched and at-foot young are also brutally killed each year under the Code of Practice when the female is shot.

If killing Kangaroos is so bad, why aren’t there more protests against these commercial killings.

culling kangaroos essay

The industry provides more than 4, jobs, mostly in rural areas. What these people fail to mention are the hundreds of thousands of joeys that are bludgeoned, decapitated or left to starve in the field after their mothers are shot in the field.

Are Kangaroo attacks on humans a frequent occurrence? Hi, you might find the science in this helpful: It is, rather, to make the Kangaroo population in Australia manageable. An organised campaign of slaughter, says Jonathan McEwen, is the only way to help farmers and stop the kangaroos breeding themselves out of existence. Is is also possible for efforts to be taken to lower the breeding of Kangaroos. This revulsion translates to the tarnishing of Australia’s image and identity in the world.

By subjecting the Kangaroo to far less physical trauma, Euthanasia is a far more dignified and thus humane process. This year they killed a few over 1, kangaroos. However, it can be said that there. As a result, plans to slaughter kangaroos living on an abandoned military site near the capital of Australia were put on hold, among a number of other proposed culling projects that have been delayed or stopped by protests.


Second, there is a difference between opting to kill whales for “scientific purposes” and for commercial sales of their meat, and being forced to kill Kangaroo because they are overpopulating a country.

Cullling is evidence that some species, such as the red kangaroo, may actually be on the brink of an irreversible population collapse. Target species like the red, black and grey kangaroos and the euro have a preference for open woodland and grassland and with pastoral development of the inland these land types became dominant, pastoralists also made permanent water available via dams allowed them to remain in areas which had been off limits except to red kangaroos following storm activity.

Striped legless lizard – a threatened grassland species. Sterilisation is a waste of time once the population is large enough to be causing land degradation, because the sterilised individuals will still be essqy continuing to feed for years to come.

The Australian Kangaroo Kill–That Is, “Cull”

Brett Howland The need for different kangaroo-grazing levels for different reptile species has created a cullung for reserve managers. Simply do not buy, use or eat kangaroo products. Due to the drought the food supply has diminished and subsequently the Eastern grey kangaroos have encroached neighbouring communities in search of a reliable source of sustenance. This, with examination of kangaroo ecology gives a very good idea of huge decline very early on.