Work together and move to tackle the maths. Property Testing We explored the physical properties of a variety of everyday materials by testing different objects. There are two maths papers. Numbers Everywhere, e-book Number situations and investigations for the secondary classroom. This download provides around tasks that develop fluency with number, algebra and geometry together with the independent thinking required for problem solving.

Written By Jenny Murray. The key stage 1 teacher-assessment results are not published at school level, but are published in aggregate at local authority and national level. Support for teachers in recognising aspects of their work as research. It includes problems for your learners to solve and tasks which will encourage them to reason mathematically. Exploring Area and Fractions with Square Geoboards, Book and Download A sequence of tasks that develop a deep conceptual understanding of area and fractions. A set of downloadable challenge cards designed to encourage mathematical discussion with sets aimed at different primary age groups. No Royal Road to Geometry” “

Exploring Mathematics with Younger Children book This inspiring publication offers the opportunity for KS1 children to solve or invent problems; to share their reasoning and to rehearse their knowledge and understanding of mathematical ideas in small groups, pairs or trios.

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Understanding of basic concepts improve significantly if calculators are used. This collection of ATM publications have been assembled to support you with the new National Curriculum. Classroom Activities from the Numeracy Posters Classroom Activities from the Numeracy Posters – 12 x A4 stand-alone posters designed to develop pupils’ numeracy skills.


Written by Geoff Faux. A large collection of puzzles and problems designed to enrich mathematics in the classroom. Introduces collaborative problem solving to young children through a series of games which become progressively more probem.

dudley problem solving ks1

We had lots of fun with practical Maths! The fourth book from the classic ATM series. A collection of ideas of core number activities to encourage younger children to think mathematically.

Catherine Hollies from Dudley Performing Arts worked with us in PE to create a detailed dance based upon the weather and the different seasons. Completing the Square is an 85 page set of games played on a board encouraging children to sort and classify objects, colours and numbers. Decoding Mathematics, Book An excellent resources for problem solving and reasoning that uses codes in order to make mathematics clearer.

Y1 and Y2 Collecting Data – Making tally charts of our favourite types of weather. A book of activities for the classroom to help learners of all ages to develop strategies for solving mathematical problems. Challenge Activities Twelve More, e-book Intriguing problems for pairs working together.

Children used reasoning and logic to play ahead in playing a game on a track. Exploring Mathematics with Younger Children, e-book Exploring Mathematics with Younger Children e-book focuses on classroom interactions in order to develop children’s mathematical thinking for KS1. Written by Jonny Griffiths. Grid Algebra – Single User Licence Grid Algebra is a visual and kinaesthetic way to learn number and algebra and pre-algebra.


dudley problem solving ks1

Completing the Square, Booklet and Download Completing the Square is an porblem page set of games played on a board encouraging children to sort and classify objects, colours and numbers. Written by Anitra Vickery and Mike Spooner. A Chinese Dragon Dance. Y1 Maths Making teen numbers using money – 10s and 1s.

KS1 – Class I and Class N

Written by Gillian Hatch. Detailed Product Search Search. Who gets the test results? Click here for more information.

There are two maths papers. A Response to Cockcrofte-book Still has a freshness and relevance to thinking about teaching and learning.

Maths Puzzle Workshops and Team Building School Activity Days in the West Midlands

Thinking for Ourselves, Book This book, presented in to three sections, provides a variety of contexts in which children are encouraged to think for themselves. We used simple fieldwork and observation skills to explore our school environment. We explored how dudlsy prefix ‘un’ changes the meaning of verbs and adjectives. World Book Day – Thursday 1st March. We planted some broad beans, watered them and placed them in a sunny place.