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Conciliatory gestures can turn escalation around. For the Moros, these programs were far from secular; they were fundamental assaults on their Islamic faith. Why pass it when there are still a lot of holes and unconstitutionalities? The budget that would be given to them will take a big chunk from the National budget. Elite cops killed in Maguindanao clashes”. The original section made the Roman Catholic religion the official religion of the State, allowing non-Catholics, however, the freedom to practice their own religion. The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons.

And perhaps the more elaborate question will be, must we give up who we are to be accepted as one of you? Next issue is that there is an unfair budget allotment for the Bangsamoro government. They moved to Moro lands upon the encouragement of the government who sold the area as the “Promised Land. The budget that would be given to them will take a big chunk from the National budget. The Constitution provided material condition under Section 18 of Article 10 which instructs Congress to enact an organic law for two autonomous regions, the other one being the Cordilleras. The Bangsamoro Basic Law is a proposed law that states the structures, autonomy, and scope of the Bangsamoro political entity. How can peace and order be guaranteed if the government is not looking at the Bangsamoro community in a larger scale?

Citing Beyond Intractability resources. It needs to be reviewed. Retrieved September 23, It helped that they saw me as an equal who can speak their language. The ad hoc committee must clear out the facts so that people can comprehend it and would not be clouded to their prejudice that the Bangsamoro will become an independent state or country. Naval Post Graduate School, Numerous indigenous groups in the Bangsamoro region do not adhere to Catholicism nor Islam, making them vulnerable to exploitation in a proposed Muslim-controlled regional government.


Yes, our homeland seems to be eternally in conflict.

The history and implications of the Bangsamoro Organic Law – CNN Philippines

Moreover, there was the continued land grabbing of Moro lands that were given to Christian Bamgsamoro settlers from the North. Interconnected learning materials to help everyone better deal with intractable conflicts. It needs to be amended and revised. The SDF is an indemnification fund — a catch-up fund that indemnifies because most of Mindanao has improved economically, except for the Bangsamoro area.

The Bangsamoro Basic Law: What it means for peace in Mindanao

It can be the dagger that ends the decades of war in Mindanao. Here are some excerpts:.

essay about bangsamoro law

They may have ideological and ethnic differences, but in the end, they are all believers of Islam and united in its Ummah. A plebiscite was held on January 21 for ARMM areas and will later be held bangswmoro February 06 for Cotabato and the 6 municipalities of Lanao del Norte, including areas who petitioned to join the Bangsamorocreating the proposed Bangsamoro Autonomous Region and formally abolish the current Abour Region in Muslim Mindanao.

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The Mindanao peace talks: First, peace; there are no winners in war. To ensure lasting peace, the Government should have a proper and adequate process. Let us not be tempted to think that since it is signed, everything will progress into what is expected.


essay about bangsamoro law

The threat of physical extinction, the assault on their Islamic identity, and the revival of renewed enthusiasm for an Islamic way of life has brought the Moro people to once again struggle for their self-preservation.

This falls under Lederach’s framework of “remembered history. A critical analysis of the campaigns, legalities and processes of the Bangsamoro Basic Law. It can pave way to progress and peace, but progress and peace is not that easy to attain. Click here to aboutt up.

These talks were the last of 32 peace talks between the two parties, which spanned a period of nine years. The hope for peace was quickly dashed by the violations of the agreement by the Marcos administration.

As defined by a respected jurist, “a nation is built when the communities that comprise it make commitments to it, when they forego choices and opportunities on behalf of that nation? When that time comes, it is likely that majority will opt for an independent state. They have to work and anout part of that region. It was about lives, my own, the lives of my people, my children.

Again, I am reiterating the importance of timing and readiness. Healing requires proximity that touches the web of community life, which includes both the recent events and the lived histories of a community.