Common-mode noise suppressed by differential architecture. Safety measures of Red Tacton over Human Body: Wired connections between electronic devices in human area networks are cumbersome and can easily become entangled. In some typical applications including entry control and ticket gate systems, with the transmitter carried in a jacket breast pocket or trouser pocket transmitting an ID, we achieved communication with a packet error of rate of less than 10 —3. Type 2 diabetes is a disorder in which the cells do not use insulin properly.

In this seminar I will talk about Red Tacton, how it works, its application to various fields, obstacles and compare it to other networking technologies. Its transmitter uses the bodys minute All the paper presents an innovative architecture for. These components, which are all related to distance r from the body, are: Communication under water and inside body www. RedTacton utilizes a point to point network, known as a piconet.

However, he chose the frequency range from 0.

ieee research paper on redtacton

Many big cities where life is busy needs many kind of transactions are taking place within few minutes of time. By reshma ravi and Aviraj Jadhav. In our aging society, concern for health, safety, and security is increasing, and as shown in Fig. Remember me on this computer.

ieee research paper on redtacton

To Use the RedTacton technology in other military equipment such as computers and communication devices that require security.

We can say that this concept is a standing example to that claim. Focusing on the naturalness, inevitability,and sense of security conveyed by touching in everyday life, this article describes human area networking technology that enables communication by touching, which we call RedTacton.

RedTacton Near-body Electric-field Communications Technology and Its Applications

If you need high-quality papers done quickly reseafch with zero traces of plagiarism, PaperCoach is the way to go. The business-card-sized transmitter emitting the ID information could be attached to any part of the body. Help Center Find new research papers in: A model of the distribution of the electric field around the human body is shown in Fig. Information spreading is low as there is no effort to reach everyone who is a member.


Paper Title use style: Red Tacton allows communication in outer space and in water where the speech constraints are very reseaech and thus enables a highly efficient means of expression of speech which is beyond the purvey of human beings.

The data sense circuit senses the signal and if the data is present it sends control signal to the transmitter which activates the transmitter circuit. You need Adobe Reader 7. We in the background and principles for the development of near-human-body electric-field communications technology and describe two key techniques for establishing stable communications: This information is hard to retrieve as it is very difficult to maintain historical data.

November 22, at 4: The evolution of Red Tacton technology is a boundless success,which likely redtactln be battered for pervasive world in future. He received the B.

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These files can be lost by fire outbreak or even flood or a water accident. You redtwcton be logged in to reply to this topic. To achieve this convenience, it is necessary to efficiently control the RedTacton module an advanced, compact electric-field communication module providing bidirectional communication with low power consumption.

Microsoft Access was used for the design.

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Principles and strengths of the technology A model of the distribution of the electric field around the redtacon body is shown in Fig.


To get efficient induction of a stable AC electric field, we need to control the effects of this floating capacitance. The system exist only for you to pay that alumni fees once you want to collect your result and after that nothing is heard about an interaction with the association.

The transmitter circuit varies the electric field on the surface of our body.

We are hoping to expand the range of uses of this technology throughout society, in the home and office, in public facilities, and for transportation, as an innovative communications interface connecting people with other people and with objects devices. It has been applied to authentication services e.

The transmitter and receiver are capacitively coupled to the human body through flat electrodes that are equivalent to the antennas in regular wireless systems.

On the medical side, however, it may www. In some typical applications including entry redtxcton and ticket gate systems, with the transmitter carried in a jacket breast pocket or trouser pocket transmitting an ID, we achieved communication with a packet error of rate of less than 10 —3. Red Tacton — A Human Area Networking Technology -…4 Apr RedTacton is a technology that uses the surface of the human body as a high speed and safe reseaech transmission redtactno.

RedTacton operates on the idea that optical properties of an electro-optic crystal can vary according to the changes of a person own electric field.