All Access Landing page layout. Executive Summaries Colorado State University. The summary should be original: You need to have enough material to fully support the thesis you have chosen. Need someone to help you create or revise a thesis? Executive Summaries are provided on a separate page at the beginning of the report before the Table of Contents.

Limiting the topic to one specific group of people, to one time period, to one geographical location, to one specific character, to only the problem or to only the solution. The Office of Student Learning cannot guarantee tutor availability, even if you make the request well in advance. Writing an Executive Summary Executive writing is different than academic writing! Write a thesis using these four steps: Executive summaries are literally written for an executive, or decision-maker, who most likely DOES NOT have the time or inclination to read the original document.

A good literature review shows the reader your instructor that you have done the background reading around your topic and that you’ve understood the important issues around your topic. An exhaustive, alphabetical list of every work reiew in your research, nor a list of references cited An annotated bibliography listing references and adding a brief notes about the value of each source.

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Instead, they are expected to answer a series of reeview or give information about a topic. All Access Landing page layout. Check with your instructor concerning the word length. You will then present more specific information from the sources, using in-text citation, to discuss the main ideas in more detail and to point out areas of agreement or debate among sources.

The tests are more stressful. The major findings may include a number of sentences.

The thesis almost always comes as the final sentence of the first paragraph the introduction. The thesis needs to focus your paper on a specific piece, aspect, or side of a general topic. Order the main ideas from general to specific, deciding which sources have contributions to make to which concepts. The main purpose of this report is to… The main objectives of this report are … It is the purpose of this document to ….


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High school may seem like it was a long time ago. Please note it is important to make a request as early as possible before the assignment due date and at least 3 business days prior to the due date.

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The plus computers available for student use in the Library all have Microsoft Office and Internet access. A request is then sent on your behalf out to the peer writing tutors to see who may be available. Where does this leave us? Group study rooms in the Library are equipped with a computer, a inch monitor, a DVD player, and, connections for laptops. Instructors especially do litefature want to see rhetorical questions questions that either have no answer or have implied answers and are made only to argue a point, not to provide insightful analysis that leads to answers.

There are two general types of thesis statements: The following resources give you ideas on iibc to get the most out of your time and energy while enrolled in JIBC courses or programs. Gaps in the research so far? The Office of Student Learning cannot guarantee tutor availability, even if you make the request well in advance.

jibc literature review

Jibbc on a specific topic — your argument or problem as stated in your thesis Compiles the research that has been published on the topic by recognized scholars and researchers Informs the reader about the current concepts and state of research on the topic and any controversies Describes the pros and cons of particular studies and may suggest areas for further research Organizes the citations thematically into a narrative that can serve as the introduction to your report or that can be an individual essay.


Make sure your topic and thesis stem directly from the assignment instructions for the paper. A copy will be given to you by the Manager once you have submitted a tutor request.

Many papers you write require developing a thesis statement.

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For these types of assignments, the thesis simply states what the paper is about. Take a position on the issue. In addition, the Library provides access to eResources such as eJournals, eBooks, article databases, streaming media, case law, legislation, codes, and standards.

For some assignments, students are not expected to take a point of view.

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This usually involves reporting what is known about a topic and what is problematic about it. This type of thesis makes one main point which can also be described as the key insight you are explaining, the central argument you are litearture forward, the case you are arguing, or the claim you are making.

Have a research paper and need help with the literature review? What did you observe, discover or understand?