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I was left with insufficient time to concentrate on my studies. I benefited from the after-flight conversations with my dad. The rationale for choosing KAUST is its proven long-standing reputation as one of the best schools for graduate studies worldwide that offer master courses which focus on Computational Biosciences and AI, the two key areas that I believe will assist me in the acquisition and expansion of knowledge and skills in the field of bionics. We strongly advise against submitting them as your own admission essays. E in Civil Engineering and my percentage is

Volunteering will help with constant training and broaden my networks in the pharmaceutical industry. Asalam o Alaikum Talha bhai.. The experience has also enabled me to use Bash Script for network scanning and also employ MATLAB in the simulation of blood vessel growth under the influence of cancer cell. Talha Omer June 17, at 9: Also, should I prepare for Ielts or Gre first?

Why do you like biology My favourite high school subject was Biology, and moments in the laboratory were my best. Why i selected Florida International University Despite the many positives, I believe I have not yet attained success in my profession.

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The experience in the military has also taught me that the battle for cyber security is a constant struggle so I will also work to ensure statment I provide mentorship to my colleagues so that persoonal can be well equipped in preparation for handling future military engagements as well as participate in research activities.

The opportunity will be more appropriate since I will manage to complete my course more conveniently without any major distractions in the workplace. The professional opportunity has accorded me the chance to advance my programming skills using Python to the exploit for different software and using PowerShell for the detection of registry anomalies.


My continued interest in the discipline inspired me to take to a course in the field of Biotechnology, and further studies at the Dolphin Institute of Biomedical and Natural Science — Dehradun in Uttrakhand, India. Did you know one week free of fast food can save not only your figure, but your wallet, time, and grades as well?

I understand that an aspect of organic chemistry that involves the purification of organic compounds is applied in the drug manufacturing process.

I graduated in but have relevant field experience.

Pakistani students can apply for the scholarship program. Talha Omer October 17, at My GRE score is Some of the grades, especially during the third year may not show the actual level because I got Irritable Bowel Syndrome during my third year due to overstressing.

My grades attest to this as I was top 11 percent which means I was a handful away from being in the top 10 percent. I believe this push is what I need to realize my potential not statememt in the kakst life but also in the professional context.

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pdrsonal In the sky, it looked like a huge bird. The efforts to mentor other individuals to create a desire for working in the pharmaceutical industry will have enabled me to play the role of advancing the profession which is a goal that I have set for myself. My belief in the hands-on approach is what led me to volunteer at Saint Joseph Hospital Pharmacy for six months. Please mail me if you can aquil99 gmail. What are my odds for selection keeping in view my profile?


Salman Shaikh August 22, at 6: Given that Stafement have been diligent in the pursuit of my goals all through my life, I am convinced that I will be in a position to complete the program at Georgia Institute of Technology. Such skills are difficult for one to learn and perfect on their own since they involve relating with others. Let me know if you have any further questions — thanks.

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I believe this hard work is expressed in the graphics world. I remember that my relatives and friends used to call me Nurse, a name that I have maintained even today. Can you please guide me about the last date to apply?

kaust personal statement

Presonal doors were suddenly closed, and the plane moved towards the runway with a rumbling sound. Talha Omer June 10, at 7: Hi Muneeb, do apply. Scholarship is open for: As promised, my dad took me to the airport in one of the summer holidays.

I would like to ask you to reinstate me to my prior position during the coming semester to allow me complete the course.

KAUST Scholarship for Pakistani Students

I have done m. Also, can results awaited students apply or not? Talha Omer May 9, at 7: After the shatement, I would call up my dad and narrate to him about the experience.