We call these Gaitsgory’s Central Complexes. The course website is here. I tried googling “Sam Gunningham” along with other stuff and nothing turned up. I’m interested in mathematical constructions in classical and quantum field theories using derived algebraic geometry. In Spring I am teaching Math – Precalculus.

This is achieved in all rank for the defining representation. Last modified Thursday January 24th, Elias initiates a research program giving a Soergel bimodules analogue of D. Past Travel I attended We read and discussed important papers from geometric representation theory in the last forty years.

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How do we grade questions? Understanding the purely formal part of the sheaf theoretic cohomological framework for representation theory Ask Question.

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Post as a guest Name. I am happy to show you around Eugene! Is there a source that tells the overall cohomological story of representation theory with some sketches of proofs for the obviously formal propositions? This functor categorifies the flattening map from the cylindrical braid group to the ordinary braid group.

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You can also read my thesiswhich is a combination of the last two papers above, with an expository introduction and some remarks on future work. Hiro Tanaka compiled a partial list of notes from the participant talks here. It’s unclear to me what part of this gunningam is “purely formal.


I have a set of notes on character sheaves which some people have found useful, but they’re incomplete. I am interested in categorical and geometric representation theoryand in their connections to low-dimensional topology and mathematical physics. I also have a non-technical description of my research.

E-mail me if you’d like a copy.

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Therefore I’m trying to understand a bit better the sheaf theoretic framework for representation theory. The course website is here.

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The connection between structures appearing in various versions of the geometric Langlands correspondence and twists of four- and five-dimensional supersymmetric gauge theories.

This is achieved in all rank for the defining representation. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. What representations you get is described by the Borel-Weil-Bott theoremand for the nicest statements you should take the derived pushforward.

Qiaochu Yuan Qiaochu Yuan I am a 2nd-year graduate student in math at The University of Oregon.

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In view of GNRI am attempting to give a formula for the endomorphism X of the tautological bundle on the Hilbert scheme as a morphism of the Gaitsgory’s Central Complex associated to the defining representation. I’m interested in mathematical constructions in classical and quantum field theories using derived algebraic gnuningham.


sam gunningham thesis

Finally I must confess I’m a die hard fan of yours, I can’t thank you enough for all your insightful comments and answers on this site! Write computer software to assist tbesis in some of these calculations.

sam gunningham thesis

By now I have the impression that many statements in representation theory can be phrased a lot more elegantly using cohomological language. Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: We read and gunninghham important papers from geometric representation theory in the gunnlngham forty years. Also, I don’t know a reference for any of this.

In January-March I co-organised a reading seminar on papers in geometric representation theory with Aron Heleodoro. Past Travel I attended Previously I was an undergraduate in physics and mathematics at The University of Texas where I did a senior thesis on the Springer correspondence, supervised by Sam Gunningham.

Videos for the lectures are now available here.