Condonement is the system which allows a small amount of failure across the entire degree, provided certain conditions are met. Condonement is granted by the Exam Board, and can only be approved if the student completed an attempt at the assessment. UCL is first and foremost a community of great minds. The supervisor will give advice about the project, particularly in the early and middle stages. Where coursework is not submitted by a published deadline, the following penalties will apply: From this point students must not change the registration of Term 1 modules. Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia.

PhD and completion of dissertation under the supervision of Prof. A Global History of Radio and Television. A student may be awarded an interim qualification if they meet or surpass defined learning outcomes and credit requirements. It is taken in the final year. The basic principle of BA Languages and Culture programmes is progression from one year to the next along defined disciplinary pathways. Dissertations and the ses online training.

The general Regulations of the College and of the University are assumed to apply in conjunction with the above Scheme, as are the local rules and guidelines produced by the relevant Department s. Argosy university sarasota dissertations However, in the first instance, students should address their questions either to their Personal Tutor, or to their Programme Administrator: The exam period is provisionally scheduled for Late April to Gide Support to Dissdrtation Policy.

Essay about emilio aguinaldo shrine causes and consequences of poverty essay poor texaco chamoiseau dissertation writing emerson essay circles, References Your Personal Tutor or an individual course tutor may also be able to provide you with job or academic references for your applications.

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Staff availability at that time will depend on their commitments to research activity. Classification will be based in the first instance on a consideration of the median of the marks from the units of assessment.


The registration of Term 2-only modules may be changed until the end of Reading Week of Term 1. If a student fails more than the maximum condonable number of modules in a given year 30 creditsthe students must be reassessed in all failed ssfes including those in the condonable range.

Take our university-wide surveys and make your voice heard. Aims and objectives of the dissertation The aims of the Dissertation are: You are also a member of UCL and will be able to enjoy the benefits of studying in a diverse, large-scale, highly rated university.

Length of the Dissertation The length of the dissertation is: Marks for retaken or substitute modules will be included in the calculation for the year of study in which the module was first attempted.

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Personal tuition communications should be conducted at least twice per teaching term: Due to demand we may not be able to place you with your favoured supervisor, but we will always do our very best to provide you with the one most appropriate to your area of study or topic.

Different programme areas History, Economics and Business, Politics and Sociology, Languages dissertaation Culture have slightly different expectations and each has its own section on the Moodle site.

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Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. Supervisors cannot be asked to comment on drafts of chapters, only on a detailed outline and the preliminary dissertatin. Decomposition Russian history dissertation List Ucl ssees ma dissertation The number of words might be different for Economics. As well as providing general guidance on the dissertation process, it will also clarify what you can expect by way of dissertation supervision.


Illness and other Extenuating Circumstances.


The general Regulations of the College and of the University are assumed to apply in conjunction with the above Scheme, as are the local rules and guidelines produced by the relevant Department s. I hope you will take every opportunity to shape your time here, so that your experience is the best possible.

ssees dissertation guide

IMESS ssese MRes students will receive separate information on supervision arrangements Provided that you submit your proposal form by the deadline at the end of term 1, your supervisor will be allocated to you early in term 2.

A final year student who fails any of the above modules at both the first and second attempt must accept an award in a different field of study, to be decided by the Board of Examiners.

Students writing economics dissertations should provide a draft of their dissertation introduction, which should be in near final form by this date. For submitted coursework, where a maximum length has been specified, the following procedure will apply: In exceptional cases, the Board of Examiners may exercise discretion in the application of this Faculty Scheme.

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