Some features of this site may not work without it. The aboriginal justice inquiry-child welfare initiative in manitoba: Risk of opioid overdose among substance users has increased tremendously in the last decade. The Salt Spring dollar: Gwyn, Stephen Donald Jermy

Human activity modifies the behaviour of large vertebrates and their acquisition of key resources. Compared to conventional machine tools, industrial robots offer great advantages such as multitasking, larger workspace, and lower price. UVic faculty and researchers can email a list of their publications or their CV containing the list or any items they would like added to UVicSpace to dsphelp uvic. Object detection not only includes recognizing and classifying objects Movassaghi Jorshari, Razzi Entrepreneurship is a growing and important field of practice.

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The third contribution is an application that applies the visualizations to the Linux kernel repository. Some features of this site may not work without it. Using food models to enhance sugar awareness among older adolescents: This report summarizes the challenges of on-reserve housing evaluation in Nishnawbe Aski Nation NAN Territory and provides recommendations and options for improving the current housing data collection process.

Drawing upon a pedagogical inquiry project focused on movement with preschool and toddler-aged children and educators, this dissertation details how fat smuscle smovement, and physiological knowledges were encountered, foregrounded, questioned, and complexified in one child care center in Canada.

Using Indigenous methodology and a story telling method this thesis is the result of research that looks at the benefits of traditional Indigenous ceremony and healing practices as a way to heal from traumatic experiences.


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Maintainers are unable to effectively use the information stored within a software repository to assist with the maintanance older versions of that software in highly-collaborative projects. Finger flutings are lines and markings drawn with the human hand in soft cave sediment in caves and rock shelters throughout southern Australia, New Guinea and southwestern Europe, dating back to the Late Pleistocene.

uvic dspace thesis

Human activity modifies the behaviour of large vertebrates and their acquisition of key resources. The radiation dose can be measured indirectly by means of radiation detectors or dosimeters.

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Through linguistic abilities, our brain can comprehend and produce an htesis number of new sentences constructed from a finite set of words. Some features of this site may not work dspade it. In Southeast Asia, many impoverished Indonesian women migrate to Singapore to work as domestic workers in households. Many men seek to address their substance use issues in a variety of resources including hospitals, detoxification centres, treatment programs, supportive recovery housing and more.

Object Detection is widely used in many applications such as face detection, detecting vehicles and pedestrians on streets, and autonomous vehicles. In this thesis, we study a two fluid system which describes the motion of thewis charged particles in a strict neutral incompressible plasma. Visualizing the integration of commits into Linux Login.


In the first article, I situate my project within post-qualitative education research, asserting that post-qualitative research can mobilize physiological knowledges with uvjc, answerable methodological practices. Recently, the government of Alberta has shifted responsibility and Search within this collection: The dynamical evolution of substructure within dark matter halos is of central importance in determining many aspects of galaxy formation and galaxy evolution in cold dark matter cosmologies.

As early inhabitants moved across the landscape they came into contact with others and left behind Erasmus, Margaret Therese Detailed models of accretion disks The research is the Rice, Jacqueline Elsie Galaxies with redshifts of 1 or more subtend a very small angle on the sky—typically, only about an arcsecond.

Includes McPherson and Law Libraries. Abbott, Callum William Filan Wagner, William LeRoy The Internet has grown in popularity in recent years, and thus it has gained importance for many current businesses. All items in UVicSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved.

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Throughout the four articles that comprise this project, I position Physiological Sciences as a settler colonial epistemological structure that is highly consequential for early childhood education. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

This accelerator and storage rings complex aims at delivering the high-luminosity