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She asks the engineer to take her there. However, even the ape rejects Yank as he tries to belong, choosing instead to physically and figuratively crush him. Yank admires the ape for nothing more than his physical prowess and their shared status at the bottom of the social ladder. I also dedicate this work to my children who had to endure stress and discomfort during my research work. Meanwhile, on the promenade deck Mildred Douglas the daughter of president of the Nazareth Steel and her Aunt are having chat. The text of The Hairy Ape will be the main source of critical analysis and comparative inquiry in the play while some other plays are included to support the research question of this study. After the ship makes port in New York, Long and Yank are walking the streets of the city.

According to critics, in The Hairy Ape , Yank and Mildred represent low and upper class while Capitalists are responsible for sufferings of workers as they exploit them for materialistic benefits. To believe others and reject to self is a big cause of failure and leaves a person good for nothing. The point, however, is that it was not merely class-struggle but his journey was a journey of the self, a journey of identification and belonging. My special appreciation is for Dr. Conclusion Following our id is not the best way to live the life.

There are certain aspects as personal crisis, social crisis, and lake of self-identity, illusions, superiority complex, change values, deformed language, and system exploitation cause to destroy humanism and develop aggressiveness in behaviors. The hairy Ape is a play by Eugene O Neil that was produced in Mildred is a woman who has been projected as a lady willing to work for tne humanity.

Aim of hwiry study is to investigate the causes behind perception of low belief of self-identity in low class workers as it strongly relates with the evaluation of characterization in human beings slowly but continuously 1. Gorilla does not trust on man while man is not trusted to his own world.


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Yank is confused not because th is the only hairy ape, but because those of the upper class pretend that they are not. He says that steel is within his body and soul.

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Rogers is therefore important because edsay re-directed psychology towards the study of the self. But soon he comes to know that he stands nowhere in the society. I will throw this one into the sea when I come back.

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Posted by existential absurdist at After sailing from New York for the voyage across, the firemen are getting drunk, singing, laughing, cursing, and shouting. Scared, she nearly faints. Positive regard from others evaluates social interaction. Human beings are bestowed with intellectual powers as they have been inventing inn worlds and discovering new horizons.

I would like to dedicate this dissertation to my siblings, family and friends for they supported me during the process. Aim of this study is to investigate the causes behind perception of low belief of self in workers as it relates with the evaluation of strong personality characteristics to eesay.

Long also is unhappy with the work situation and the place where they work in extreme unhealthy environment. Biologie – Zoologie Skunk Ape. The Hairy Ape is about more than this, however; it is about the state of all of mankind, about how each human experiences this isolation.

Theme of Supression and Degradation Of the Working Class as potrayed by Yank

There is a vast difference between her thinking and activities than thinking and activities by the bourgeois. It is also nairy clarify how haity is going to address a gap, different than literature review and how it can be considered a valuable work in literature. When Yank tries to join, he is very enthusiastic, and talks of making trouble for the rich.


It is the way a person values to himself. Long wants to talk with them, while Yank wants to start a riot. On the surface The Hairy Ape might seem to be a fairly political play.

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In the beginning of the drama Yank had been displayed as a happy person who knows that the work he does is important for the ship. But when they ask spe whether he wants to achieve his goals through dynamite or legitimate direct action, he answers dynamite. The theme of self has been elaborated by Iqbal in many of his verses; as it is presented as the attainment of highest moral standards.

Remember me on this computer. Perhaps in some ways he is; maybe he has the same hobbies or interests that have followed through life. A time esday when characters complaint against the identity they have and wish what they want to be in actual. The approach is optimistic and focuses on noble human capacity to overcome hardships, pain and despair.

yank in the hairy ape essay

He gets, in past, he did not belong to parents, church or home that was why he had to leave them. Darwinism insists on the powerful effects of environment on esssay beings.